Project 102 is a skeleton created with the blood of Classic!Asgore, Classic!Sans, and Rho!Artemis, combined into one being by Infected. She was created by SWArtemis102.




Project 102 is rather shy, and tends to pull her hood over her face when she is nervous or embarrassed. She is an absolute badass in combat, and wouldn’t hesitate to kill if necessary, something she (unfortunately) learned from Infected. Once someone gets to know her, she is very cheerful, and “punny,” on occasion.


She is a white skeleton with two brown eyes that turn crimson in battle. She wears black pants, black sneakers, a black shirt, and a thin black jacket, with a big hood to hide her face. She is also occasionally seen holding a bone katana.

Powers and Abilities 


A basic attack brought by her Sans DNA. The bones cause damage, of course, and she can also summon blue bones, which you have to stand still in order not to take damage, and orange bones, which you have to keep moving in order not to take damage. Each kind of bone does 15 damage.


Another basic attack, brought on by her Asgore DNA. To be avoided at all costs. She has caused wildfires with them. Fireballs do 20 damage.


A slightly more advanced attack. Project 102 can turn her enemies’ SOUL blue, and slam them into nearby objects. Does 5-45 damage.

Gaster Blasters 

A much more advanced attack, brought on by her Sans DNA. They cause intense damage, and she can summon blue ones and orange ones. Each kind of Gaster Blaster does 45 damage.

Fire Blasters 

A combination of an attack from both Sans and Asgore DNA. It is a Gaster Blaster that shoots fireballs. That’s pretty much it. Oh, they cause pretty high damage (65 damage)

Special Attack 

48 of every attack Project 102 can do all launched at the same time. Basically drains your health bar completely.


She can teleport from AU to AU. There are certain places she can’t get into, like the Rho Exclusion Zone.


  • She is utterly terrified of Infected.


Bone Katana 

Project 102’s weapon of choice. She believes it to be homage to her Artemis DNA. Does 25 damage.



Infected was the person who created Project 102. She was constantly beaten by him and treated like a servant.

Sans/Undertale, Asgore/Undertale, and Artemis/Undertale Rho

The three people whose DNA was combined by Infected to create Project 102. She is most like Sans, and least like Asgore.


NOTE: This is a different Project 102 from the 3 Phases on the UTOC Wiki.

  • Her original purpose was to be Infected’s slave. He considers her having a mind of her own a ‘defect.’
  • Infected terrifies her so much she will occasionally have a panic attack if his name is brought up. 
  • Once she thought she saw Infected and had a seizure. 
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