"It Takes alot of time to recreate what was once loved and then Destroyed!"
– Infected

E R R O R 4 4 S A N S

E R R O R 4 4 S A N S . M P 4

Error404 Theme Song #2

This is no longer just about AlphaTale this about everyone that surrounds it.

The AlphaTale Story-line and how it bends to the Rest of the Multiverse

AlphaTale is a Au that not only Has a big past and history with everything else, but is also a pretty big deal when it comes to how the multiverse is actually a Au all on it's own.The Story of AlphaTale ends up becoming each and every other Au every created and makes ever Au apart of the story. AlphaTale isn't just a story about how 3 Different Sansses that changed the undertale fandom forever, it's about how each Sans is playing a part in the big game know as AlphaTale.


The Soon to come series that will give you more lore about the story of AlphaTale

AlphaTale: Your Ancestor: ☀

The Animation Series, AlphaTale: Resurrection: Coming Soon

The Comic Series, Sinking into the Abyss: Coming Soon